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All I Want For Christmas 4
Chapter 4
"Dad! How was it, huh?!" Nicholas Wilde was attacked by a Mike-shaped projectile the moment he stepped into his mother's apartment. The impact almost threw both of them to the ground, but Nick steadied himself with the use of the wall.
"Whoa, easy there. You will damage your father."
The boy looked up from the hug he was giving the adult fox and showed him a smirk.
"Nah, you're not that soft." He laughed. "So? Tell me, tell me!"
"Tell what, exactly?" Asked a female voice. A vixen in her fifties entered the hallway, wiping her paws with a kitchen cloth. Her facial features carried a strong resemblance to those of Nick's.
"Hello, mother." The fox greeted the vixen. "Thank you for taking care of Michael."
She gave him a chuckle. "No problem, Nick. You're both always welcomed here, you know that."
"Oh, I know. And I also happen to know that he can be a handful."
This comment earned him a headbutt from his son. "Hey, I'm right here!"
Nicholas ruffled the boy's head fur with
:iconlibious:Libious 3 1
All I Want For Christmas 3
Chapter 3
When the Friday meeting time came, the two mammals met next to a colorful fountain in the middle of Zootopia's largest shopping mall. Or rather, three mammals…
"Mike?" The bunny was clearly surprised to see the little fox along with his father.
"Judy!" The boy practically leapt to hug her. "I'm so happy to see you!"
"Um, it's nice to see you too but-"
"He wouldn't let me go without him." A familiar voice explained and Nicholas Wilde approached them. He was dressed in a suit, like usual, but without a tie and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. Judy had to admit that this way of wearing himself really suited the fox.
"Does this mean we're having a three-mammal dinner?" She asked with a smile.
Mike stepped back and waved his small paws. "No, no, no. It's just you two, it has to be a real da-" His father's paw moved with snake like reflex and clasped around the little muzzle.
"What did we agree on before coming here, Michael?" He asked in a calm manner.
The boy nod
:iconlibious:Libious 3 3
All I Want For Christmas 2
Chapter 2
Michael was sulking in the passenger's seat of their car, his little arms folded on the chest.
"You were totally mean, dad." He grumbled eventually.
Nicholas cast him a look with the corner of his eye. "I am simply making sure that you won't be fooled by some strange females."
"Judy is not strange!" The little fox blurted out angrily.
His father kept his eyes on the road and took a right turn. "You can't know that."
"I know! I talked to her, we played together, we've spent more time doing something fun than I ever get to spend with you…" Mike's voice faltered a bit at the end of his outburst, thinking that the last bit was maybe a bit too much.
The car stopped at a red light.
Nick turned to his disturbed son. "Michael…" He didn't sound angry or hurt over what the small predator said, but then again, he never did. "You know I'd like to spend more with you, but…"
Mike shook his head. "You have an important job. Yeah, I know that, dad. I've heard it a mi
:iconlibious:Libious 3 1
All I Want For Christmas 1
Chapter 1
"So where's your mother, foxy? Ain't got one?" The young woodchuck mocked the little red fox. Mike clenched his teeth and balled his paws into fists.
"I have a mom! She's just busy and couldn't come today!" He shouted back at the bully.
This day didn't turn up well for the fox kit. Even though he appeared in school in high spirits this morning, there was a small group of nasty mammals that saw this day as another opportunity to bully the red furred predator.
The Family Day.
Mike knew that it was coming, but was prepared to put up a brave face and get through it. Of course, there had to be some delinquents who wouldn't leave Mike alone. So they approached him in the school's courtyard, while all families were gathering inside for the events of this day. All classes have prepared something for celebrating the Family Day and his picked reciting poetry among other things. Their teacher provided them with proper text, but also encouraged them to write something on their own
:iconlibious:Libious 3 1
A Bunny - Sketch by gokhan16 A Bunny - Sketch :icongokhan16:gokhan16 69 9 Childhood by Tragobear Childhood :icontragobear:Tragobear 509 24



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